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Container Scale Hoppers are used for weighing multiple ingredients, for different kinds of Bulk Materials through a Recipe Controller or Programmable Logic Controller (PLC).

The Equipment is similar to Batch Weigher, but is provided with additional inlet ports for multiple Ingredients. The top cover is usually sealed by a Flex Connector along the perimeter of the container. The inlet flanges on the cover are rigidly connected to the Feeders (Screw or Belt) valves under the Storage Hoppers.

The outlet valve is closed and empty. Weight of the Container is automatically turned off. Various materials are discharged by the Feeders or Valves in Bulk or Dribble modes, as preset in the logic of the Microprocessor Based Controller. Systems with high repeatable accuracy with optional Automatic Calibration System and Control Documentation features are available.

These include counterweights suspended over Pneumatic Cylinders, operated through Solenoid Valves. During Calibration cycles, the empty Container is turned off and the known weights are loaded on the Container to check the actual weight against the known weight. Typical installations include Batching Plants of Television Picture Tubes, Fiber Glass, Explosives, Bulk Drug or Additive Formulation which have changing recipe or high accuracy.





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