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Batch Weighers are used for weighing Batches of Bulk Materials such as Pigments, Lead Oxide, Sugar etc. as a pre-weighed quantity for delivering into down stream process.

The Equipment comprises of a symmetrically shaped Cylindrical Container with conical bottom, Inlet, Outlet, Vent Connection, Load Cell Mountings, Junction Box and Weighing Controller, Slide or Butterfly Valves – Flex Connector. To start the functioning, the discharge valve is closed. The Empty Weight is automatically turned off. The Weight of the Bulk Material being transferred by a Feeding Equipment is continuously monitored by the Controller in a Gain-In-Weight process. As the set points reach, the Controller changes the Electrical contacts of the Feeding Equipment from coarse to Fine and Super Finer mode, to attain high degree of accuracy of weighing.

The outlet valve is opened automatically. The cycle repeats.

The entrapped air is vented through a Sock Filter. For fine powders, a separate connection to Air Filter units with Suction Fans are used. For materials of high Compressibility Factor, moisture content, or difficult flow characteristics, Vibrators (Turbine or Piston Type) are used during discharge. Flexible connectors provide sealing of airborne dusts and isolate Load Cells from interference of mechanical Vibrators.