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Bin Vent Filters are used on the top of Storage Hoppers, Bins, and Silos for venting during refill and unloading. Airborne Dust Particles are arrested by the media during venting. Units are available with optional features & provisions for:

  • Normally Aspirated
  • Fan assisted
  • Pulsed Air Jet Cleaning features

Different types of Filter Media are available to suit the Material Characteristics, Temperature, Moisture Content and other Application. The Filter Cartridges are of replaceable types with easy removable designs. Several material of constructions like needle punched Polyester, Non woven , Felt, PTFE membrane of non-stick, water, oil repellant properties having BIA rating USGC are available.

8 different models of Centrifugal Fans with Aluminum Alloy Die cast Impellers, are available over 400 – 6000 Cu.Mtr / Hr. with 0.75 – 5.5 kW rating.

Solenoid operated Diaphragm Valves connected to the Compressed Air Header are actuated by cyclic timer. On and off delay of Pulsed Air Jets are field adjustable. Standard accessories like Pressure Gauge, Regulator, Drain Valve and pneumatic fittings are provided. Units are of modular design provided with Mounting Flanges for easy adaptability to existing installations.





Hindustan Lever Ltd., Kidderpore, WB

Tea Broken / Dust

Exide Industries Ltd., Haldia, WB

Lead Oxide