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Freight Elevators are used to elevate or lower Unit Goods, Packages, Drums, Containers, In-Process Inventories vertically between various floor levels in industries.

Fabricated cages or enclosures having Access Doors with multiple Limit Switches and safety interlocks are provided. Special Rope Winding Drums with Brake Geared Motors are used as drive machinery.

Electrical Control Panels with Controls at Each Floor / Operational Level and Emergency Stop Buttons & Machined Tracks with Sealed Bearing mounted tracking rollers are offered.





ITC Ltd., Tribeni, WB

Transfer?Paper Reels (2000 kg) between Production Floor Levels

Jayashree Textiles, Rishra, WB

Cartons of Finished Goods from Production to Shipping Departments

ESAB India Ltd., Khardah, WB

Drums of Process Materials for manufacturing electrodes

PKTU, Biratnagar, Nepal

Drums of Chemicals for Oil Processing from GF to Production Floor levels