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Fixed Drive Roller Conveyors?are used for transferring Crates, Cartons, Boxes, Pallets, and Slave Boards etc. automatically during the process of Manufacturing, Packing or other end-of-the-line activities.

Rollers of Carbon Steel Bright Zinc Plated, Stainless Steel, and Engineering Plastic Construction, fitted with Semi-precision Bearing or special Journal Bearing are used. Sprockets of Simplex or Duplex Construction are rigidly fitted to the Rollers, mounted on Stringers of Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel Construction. The Rollers are powered by Drive Geared Motors mounted under or above the Frame. Standard widths from 150mm – 1500mm having load bearing capacity from 2 kg – 60 kg per Roller are available.

Various sub-assemblies like Pneumatically Operated Chain Transfer, Stopper, Turn Tables, Hoist Units can be integrated with motion control accessories like Photoelectric Switch. These assemblies are available for moving the products automatically in different directions and pausing the products for different online activities like Filling, Capping, Labeling, Bar Coding, Fitting, Inspection etc. Various Safety Devices are offered as standard accessories to protect the Equipment and Operators from any possible mishaps. Emergency Controls are made available at the Loading, Unloading & Intermediate zones.

Belt Conveyors of identical modular design & dimensions can be easily integrated for economic layout and orientation of the material handling.?Automation Accessories with Programmable Logic Controller and Variable Speed Drives and process interlocks are also available.

Custom designed Rollers having non-standard dimensions and load ratings can be manufactured to order.





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