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Chain Conveyors are used to convey various types of objects like Sheet Metal Panels, Bags, In-Process Inventories over considerable distances, in manufacturing, assembly, painting, packaging lines etc.

One pair of Bushed Roller Conveyor Chains fitted with Cross Tubes over stub spindles in self aligning tracks driven by a geared motor drive having fixed or variable speed are provided.





ABB / Varun Seacon Ltd., Vadodara, GJ

Panels of 20’ & 40’ Ocean Containers under manufacturing process, pretreatment & painting

Esab India Ltd., Khardah, WB

Welding Electrodes in manufacturing process

Swadeshi Sabun Udyog, Biratnagar, Nepal

Drying Tunnel of Toilet Soaps

Vijay Electrical Ltd., Hyderabad, AP

Manufacturing Lines of Power Transformers