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Flexible Screw Conveyor is manufactured with FDA grade UHMWPE (Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) and Stainless Steel Contact Parts. These are used for handling dry bulk materials and fine powders for storage & conveying. One seamless Auger rotates at high speed driven by Geared Motor to transport the material from one inlet hopper or transfer box to single or multiple outlets.

One Manual Bag Dump Station optionally fitted with a Dust Collector for Fine Powder materials or Flanged Inlet is provided to charge the material. Powders with high compressibility factors and difficult flow characteristics have Agitator units at Inlets to break ‘Bridges’ or ‘Ratholes’. Vibrators with cyclic timers dislodge the materials clinging to the sidewalls of the Hopper. The materials are then lifted from the Inlet Transition by Stainless Steel Spiral Augers of Round or Flat Sections.

Vertical units can have single length of 12m, whereas Horizontal or Inclined Lengths can work up to 18 — 24m in single, unified length, depending upon the Characteristics of the Materials. 7 Models ranging from 50mm to 200mm diameter Flexible Screw Conveyors convey from 100 to 50,000 liters per hour.

Empty Bag Compactors and Bin Vent Filters are available to maintain good Housekeeping and Indoor Air Quality conforming to ACGIH Recommendations.?Variable Speed Drives, Level Switches, Load Cells, Weighing and Temperature Controllers for Automatic Conveying and Inventory Monitoring are available for Process Automation.

MFI offers Test Facilities at its R&D Center for customers to take trials with the products for performance evaluation.








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