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Bin Activators are suitable for discharge of dry Bulk Materials out of Storage Bins, on demand. Selections of the Equipment are based on the Characteristics of the Material, Bin Design, Venting and Flow Rate etc. The following common problems related with the mass flow from Storage Bins are easily avoided:

  • Briding / Arching
  • Particle Segregation Blockage
  • Funnel Flow / Rat Holing
  • Fluidising / Flushing

Seamless molded Neopreprene Rubber Sleeves, with Nylon reinforcements are available. Special Food Grade materials are also available. Heavy duty unbalanced Motorised Gyrators are fitted. Forged steel Hangers with Vibration isolators are provided. Accessories like outlet Sleeves, Clamps, Maintenance Gates are available.





Saint Gobain Glass Industries, Sriperembudur, TN


Lanxess / INEOS ABS, Vadodara, GJ


Shree Sai Calnates Ltd., Surat, GJ

Calcium Carbonate