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Apron Conveyors : Bulk materials like Mineral Ore, large lumps, ingots are conveyed in horizontal and Inclined planes. Two sets of Bushed Roller Conveyor Chains fitted with different styles of Pans of various grades of steel. Hardened Steel Sprockets for both drive and tensioning sides.

Manual tensioning device for conveyor chain. Drive Geared Motors with fixed and variable speed.





Electrosteel Castings Ltd., Khardah, WB

Mixtures of Sand and Cement moved from discharge hoppers to downstream equipment.

SmithKline Beecham Ltd., Nabha, PN

Mixtures of Granulated Sugar, Skimmed Milk Powder etc are agitated at discharge outlets of Hoppers for upstream conveying for the manufacturing of HORLICKS.

Dr. Reddy’s Lab, Hyderabad, ?AP

Bulk Drug Manufacturing Process. Fine Compressible Powder causing flow related problems are efficiently moved.