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Agitator Equipment are used for break bridging, rat holing and other flow related problems of Bulk Materials in Conveying & Storage. Fine compressible powders, having sluggish flow characteristics are efficiently moved through chutes, hoppers and silos.

Two sets of reverse directional screw flights fitted on a drive shaft powered by a geared motor mounted externally. Additional paddles for difficult materials are provided. Constructions in Stainless Steel and Hard Facing materials are also available.





Electrosteel Castings Ltd. Khardah. W

Mixtures of Sand and Cement moved from discharge hoppers to downstream equipment.

SmithKline Beecham Ltd. Nabha. PN.

Mixtures of Granulated Sugar, Skimmed Milk Powder etc are agitated at discharge outlets of Hoppers for upstream conveying for the manufacturing of HORLICKS.

Dr. Reddy’s Lab . Hyderabad.? AP.

Bulk Drug Manufacturing Process. Fine Compressible Powder causing flow related problems are efficiently moved.